Well, it’s finally here. I am curious enough to get the book. So I purchased one. I mean the Ruby book: The Ruby programming language / David Flanagan and Yukihiro Matsumoto. –    Beijing : O’Reilly, c2008.

See me…

After trying to “hack” my site to look more or less the same in older IE - I finally decided to look for a new different theme that will do the work for me.

So… Now my Octopress blog use Bootstrap theme by Balázs Kutil (see here).

See few screenshots below…

When I looked for a static web site generator I started with Jekyll. But then I saw Octopress. Now - after few posts it’s really working great.

The only thing that I currently have to do on my own - on the HTML – is: taking care of the directionality. …

My Octopress site does notlook good on Internet Explorer 8.

Octopress - the blog aware static site generator - is made for “Hackers”. And… yes I know… good “Hackers” don’t really tend to use Internet Explorer at all. But still - I do have Internet Explorer. I have Windows 7 and IE8 on my work PC. And I have to use it, at least for work issues. That’s how discoveres the IE8 bug…

See the screenshot down here…

החלטתי לנסות ולראות מע יעשה Octopress אם אכניס תווים עבריים, ככוחתרת - בתוך:
rake new_post["title"]
אז הנה מה שניסיתי - כדי ליצור את הדף שמול עיננו:
rake new_post["A מנסה את 'אוקטופרס' עם כותרת פוסט בעברית"]
האמת, שה- A בהתחלה זה ליתר בטחון… נוצר דף ששמו:

Hello World!

This is my first try for Octopress - the blogging engine based on Jekyll. Octopress is a “Static Blog Generator” and it looks very nice at first glance.